Velo Saddles Takes Stage in Collaborative Eco-Friendly Show at London Fashion Week

Velo Saddles took the stage at this year’s London Fashion Week, taking part in Taiwanese designer RAY CHU’s fashion show, merging eco-friendly creativity with responsibility. CHU’s models walked the runway carrying special edition VELO Prevail Ride and the new Prevail Revo saddles as handbags and crossbody bags.

Drawing inspiration from the ocean, the RAY CHU SS24 collection is centered around the Manta Ray, highlighting the importance of safeguarding marine ecosystems and advocating for environmental conservation. CHU collaborated with Taiwanese manufacturers to feature the latest biodegradable polyester fibers and create fabrics with fish-scale textures. This sustainability vision aligned perfectly with VELO’s focus on environmental protection. VELO’s Vice President, Ann Chen, stated, “VELO continues to recycle ocean fishing nets and plastic, transforming them into high-quality bicycle grips, significantly reducing waste.” “Not only this cross-industry collaboration just came in place for sustainability, but we believe cycling is fun and healthy that we want more people to join on a bike!”


As a leading manufacturer of bicycle saddles worldwide, VELO has reduced the use of petrochemical raw materials and diligently sought out recycled materials certified by PCR (post-consumer recycled) or GRS (Global Recycled Standard). They also optimized designs to ensure that over 50% of certain products contained recycled materials, minimizing waste.

“VELO is striving towards comprehensive sustainable solutions, not just to meet the general standards of energy conservation and carbon reduction, but to prepare a better world for the next generation,” said Chen. VELO joined the Bicycle Association for Sustainability (BAS) in 2022, along with leading bicycle manufacturers, committing to carbon reduction goals, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 40 kilograms per bicycle produced by 2030 or at least reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

Prevail Revo: About VELO’s Newest Saddle

VELO’s newest model, the Prevail Revo, was showcased for the first time at London Fashion Week. The Prevail Revo utilizes the latest eco-friendly foam material, a superlight foam combined with recycled coffee grounds, which is exceptionally lightweight and provides additional shock absorption. Its low thermal conductivity prevents the seat from heating up during extended rides.

The Prevail Revo shares many future-friendly features from the Angel Revo saddle, launched in October 2022, including the EuphoraBase. The EuphoraBase shell is made from a high-performance polyamide polymer derived from natural plant oils, making it lightweight, moisture-resistant, durable in dry and cold conditions, and resistant to cracking.

It also includes a hidden Y-Cut design, along with extended perforations at the front, to help maintain the flexibility of the base, effectively releasing pressure and reducing discomfort.

The OmniCover, consisting of recycled knit fabric wrapping the foam, is GRS 4.0 certified as an environmentally friendly material. AtmosShaping technology creates a seamless integration of the base shell and foam. This ensures a 100% waterproof seal between the cover, foam, and base shell, allowing the saddle to conform to a rider’s position.


The Prevail Revo will be available in early 2024.